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Dan and Withers

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Imports and the CBMA

Imports and the CBMA

The Craft Beverage Modernization Act has been big, good and not so confusing news for U.S.-produced alcohol beverages for about...Read More
Yet More Trumpy Libations

Yet More Trumpy Libations

Politics is everywhere lately, and TTB labels are no exception. When I was out in Kentucky last week, somebody showed...Read More
Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Beer Law
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Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Beer Law

A few weeks ago Virginia Lawyers Weekly recognized our busy, growing beer law practice. The August 13th article, by Matthew...Read More
Not Approved:  GMO

Not Approved: GMO

In 10 years and 579 posts we've covered so many things approved by TTB. Today, and in the near future,...Read More
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Dan Christopherson and Withers Hurley have joined the firm in recent months. Dan is a trademark and beer lawyer with at least 7 years of relevant experience as a lawyer. Since graduating law school in Denver in 2007, Dan has visited at least 400 breweries (and some wineries too).

Withers is a billing assistant and has wide experience in helping to run small firms. She was raised within a few miles of the office, and ran a busy and one of the earliest e-commerce websites. We welcome Withers and Dan and look forward to them making things easier for us and our clients.